The Top 5 Scholarships for International Students in the United Kingdom

If you wish to continue your studies in the United Kingdom, you should consider asking for a scholarship to assist you cover the costs of education. As we all know, obtaining money to pay for your studies abroad can be challenging. Even Scholarship prospects remain superior if you have family in the United Kingdom who can provide financial assistance. If you can play football, there may be opportunities for a sports scholarship.

Therefore, if you are considering studying in the U.K., check out these scholarships that will be of benefit to you and save your finances. A grant can help cover all expenses while studying abroad, so do not worry about hidden costs if you plan to study in the U.K. Furthermore, these awards will help you secure a better future with many possibilities of good job offers after graduation.

Top Five (5) Scholarship in the U.K. for International Students

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

Bristol University Scholarship is an opportunity that provides support for a group of highly talented and motivated undergraduate students in any subject, irrespective of background or financial circumstances. These scholarships aim to enable them to pursue postgraduate studies at Bristol University, Bristol or one of its partners.

Candidates must be students who have applied to start their full-time undergraduate program at the University of Bristol in September 2022, with the exception of programs in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science. Students who have been given a place at a university in the United Kingdom may submit an application.

Financial funding Opportunities Available at the University of Bristol: 

The University of Bristol provides extensive financial aid packages for qualifying students from various countries in order to help ensure that talented foreign students have access to higher education. For those who qualify for government assistance, this includes both financings for the cost of tuition and loans for upkeep.

This financial aid package is automatically considered for all qualified students from all nations. Details on funding options for tuition fees can be found on the Financial Aid websites for applicants from your country. Funding opportunities for tuition costs will be evaluated on an individual basis.

University of Oxford 2022 MBA Africa Scholarship for African Students

With 13% of this year’s intake coming from the African continent, representing 12 different African nations, Oxford Sad is the top MBA recruiting institution in the America. 56% of Oxford’s MBA students are female.

At a time when only 5% of female MBAs come from Africa, the organization has helped make Oxford Saïd the first international business school to provide access to our programs for all female candidates, regardless of nationality.

About the University of Oxford Saïd Award:

The University of Oxford Saïd is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and one of the world’s largest companies, BNP Paribas.

Since its inception in 2005, the program has earned a reputation for turning out business executives with in-depth knowledge of social and environmental challenges.

Once accepted, candidates join a global network of prior participants from various backgrounds who can help one another during the first two years of launching a company or non-profit organization.

Oxford Saïd has over 100 different African student alumni who are alumni or in partnership with the university. Many have been nominated for their impact on society and entrepreneurship, while others have contributed to other global industries such as energy, food, beverage, manufacturing, retail, finance, technology, and media. 

Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

Intellectual students who aspire to attend Cambridge University are offered the gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students.

The program provides international students from all around the world with a full living allowance and a partial fee waiver. You must be rated first in your department or college to be eligible for one of the ten scholarships available this year.

In addition, Gates Cambridge Scholarships offer students accommodation and grant a place at the College of Scholars at Trinity College. You will be given two or three years of accommodation on campus, meals and healthcare facilities are provided by the college, and if you have financial problems, you can seek assistance from the university’s bursary scheme.

If you come to Cambridge on a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, you will also get access to special programs such as student workshops, talks and events, and library resources. The university offers many other great opportunities, such as seminars, meetings, and many more.

Who is Qualified to Apply for the Cambridge Scholarships? 

You can be eligible for Gates Cambridge Scholarships if you have a good academic performance record, excellent English language skills, and a strong personal statement. Candidates must also have received offers of admission from their top three choices of universities in the U.K.

What is the eligibility status for Gates Cambridge Scholarships?

If you have a strong personal statement, a proven track record of academic success, and high English language proficiency, you should be qualified for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Additionally, applicants must have accepted admission offers from their top three choices of British colleges.

The Chevening Scholarships

The U.K. government awards these scholarships to candidates who have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential in addition to academic excellence.

The British Embassies around the world personally choose the scholarship winners. Students will have the opportunity to advance their academic careers, build their professional networks, learn about British culture, and much more.

Over 1,500 Chevening Scholarships are awarded throughout each academic cycle as part of the scholarship program, which provides financial aid for one-year Master’s degree studies at any of the top universities in the U.K.

The Royal Society Grants 

The Royal Society is a fellowship comprising some of the most distinguished scientists in the world. Additionally, it is the oldest active scientific academy in the world.

The Fellowship offers a variety of fellowships and awards available for international students who meet the merit requirement in order to encourage scientific achievement, support international collaboration, and demonstrate the value of research to everyone.


Schooling in the U.K. comes with many benefits. You can secure life-changing job opportunities if you graduate from any of the above-mentioned universities. The scholarship application process might be tedious, but it is ultimately worth it. Good luck 


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