Give Me A Loan For 20% Interest To Be Returned By May

Loan Me Fund for Adsense Arbitrage For 20% to 30% Interest

I’ll return the total amount of your loan with 20% to 30% interest.

If you can help me raise ₦6,000,000 to start Google Adsense Arbitrage, please continue to read below to find all the details.

Before we start, let me quickly introduce myself

My full name is Michael Ekundayo, 31 years old. I have been blogging since 2013 and I live in my small 3-bedroom flat, which I started building in 2016. I parked in 2020.

This is just to tell you, how small my name was before my main business started struggling in early 2021 due to COVID 2020, which affected the educational sector.
I am married, with 2 toddlers, and I cannot wait until I have enough before venturing into this.

If you must know, information should not be slept on as far as the internet is concerned due to the ever-changing nature of the game.

MIchael Ekundayo
Michael Ekundayo

What I am trying to do is use public funds for advertising, and I’ll return the funds with 20% interest.

The amount I am trying to raise is ₦6,000,000 and the minimum is ₦3,000,000.

If I cannot raise the minimum, I’ll return whatever I raise back to the lenders. at the end of March.

All 90% of the funds are going for Facebook ads; we can always show live evidence regularly every 3 days; the other 10% is for other services I’ll need.

ADX linking service, Messenger bot subscription service, and other minor stuffs.

My other businesses are not doing well, which is why I am going through this route. I have a domain I bought for $6,000 in 2018 that I can use as collateral. I can show evidence to whoever needs it.

Note: The below screenshots are not mine, the screenshots are to show as evidence of this is what is possible via Google Adsense Arbitrage, an art of using paid traffic to increase earnings rather than just depending on organic traffic.

With Adsense Arbitrage, the possibilities are endless, but the downside is that it requires a huge amount of money, between ₦3million and ₦8m monthly.

This loan of ₦6,000,000 will help me cover 2 months of advertising with ease by spending 100,000 ads daily.

For anyone who wishes to make it via Adsense Arbitrage, you must at least spend ₦100,000 daily, or else your CPC (cost per click)  won’t pick up, which is necessary to break even.

I have suffered from 2020 to 2023, and this is one way I believe I can end this financial breakdown with this public loan request. I’ll never fail anyone who contributes to this loan, no matter how small or big the contribution is.

Progress So Far

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My Collateral

Hello, my name is Michael Ekundayo, and I need a loan of about ₦6,000,000 to start my AdSense arbitrage journey.

What I currently Have

I have tried to get some funds via multiple channels, but they are not available. I need you all to loan me this amount, and I’ll pay it back by May with 20–30% interest rate.

I already have a domain, quality content, and a Google AdSense account, but I need funds to start advertising on Facebook for the next 53 days when the first batch of payments arrives.

Note that these screenshots are not mine, these are evidence of what is possible with Google Arbitrage.

Loan To Me, Please

More About AdSense Arbitrage: Can I Be Trusted?

I live in Ilorin, Kwara State, Olunlade area. I live in my own house, which I built.

You can rest assured of 20 to 30% of the amount you loan me

Return on investment shouldn’t be more than 60 days, I am stating until May since this loan campaign will end exactly a month from now, and we are already in February 5th.

What Arbitrade Can Do

Questions And Answers

What is the percentage if I loan you my hard earned money

I can be guaranteed between 20% to 30% by May of the amount you loan me.

Can You Be Trusted?

I think I can be trusted; I live in my house, built with my sweat. I am 31 years old. I live with my partner and 2 children

Why do you need a loan from us, can’t you start small

Any serious person doing AdSense arbitrage full time will tell you you need a minimum of 3 million naira for 1 months. My major source of income is education-related, and I haven’t been doing well for a while now. The reason I need this loan.

Loan Me Now. All records are kept online.


You can Login and Logout from Dashboard

You can see the amount you loaned me anytime on the dasboard

All your records are kept safe

This is a one-time loan amount, a mini way to let your money work for you

My name is Michael Ekundayo, I’ll only use your money for what I need. No extras

Loan Me Now

Sorry, I can’t Loan You My hard-earned money.

For reading to this point, i have gidt for you

  • Invest in crypto now, don’t wait until it’s too high. You can get started with the Binance App. Buy, BNB, SOL, TIA, PYTH, SUI, DYM, ENJ and leave it until July next year (2025).
  • If you still have enough, start farming by staking some of these coins. You can start staking by downloading the LEAP wallet from the IOS store or Google Play.
  • You can go further by farming testnets tokens, don’t farm old tokens because a snapshot might have been taken.
  • Then if you have resources run nodes of these testnets tokens, budget $40 per month for 6 months for each token you run.
  • Always remember, to buy when it’s low and sell when it’s hard. This advise look very straightforward and obvious, but don’t let me deceive, 90% of people who are ruin due to crypto are due to the fact they ignore this piece advice
  • Be patience, Always aim to give at least 7 days before you sell any coin that you bough, but for me, I give a minimum of 3 months before I sell any token. Sorry, I have less than 3$ in my binance, yes, 3$, I ignored my number 5th advice, and that ruined me in December.

Apart from Crypto, Anything Else?

The truth is apart from earning dollars in Nigeria, all other businesses are almost dead in Nigeria today, With high prices of goods, and high inflation, the only hedge is earning dollars. Which is either crypto, blogging, or investing in US stocks through bamboo.

I can teach you this adsense arbitrage for #200,000, I can also teach you how to farm testnets tokens if you are having difficulty going along.

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