Cambridge A Level Tuition Fees

The Breaking Down Of Cambridge A Level Nigeria Tuition Fees

The Cambridge A’Level Nigeria programme school fee is different from centre to centre and to university to university so also are private Cambridge A’Level Nigeria centres.

We are going to give you the average school fees of Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria with this breaking down. Once you print the Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria Form out, you will see the original fees for your desire Cambridge A’Level Nigeria centre

The Application/ Cambridge A’Level Nigeria Form = #25,000

The Hostel fee, school fees, exam plus any other fees is between #666,000 to 2, 850, 000 depending on your study centres.

It depends on the location of your chosen centre

It depends if you want accommodation or not

It depends if the school offers a uniform or not

It depends if you pay

It also depends if you complete your school fees before late examination fee payment starts.

The sum total of the Cambridge A’Level Nigeria school fees plus the application fee is #685,000 to #2,875,000 depending on your study centre for all departments. As school fees vary according to the chosen Cambridge Alevel study centre in Nigeria.

Cambridge A’Level Nigeria Installment Payment

The below image is the current school fees for each of our study centres for Cambridge A Level in Nigeria


Below is the old school fees for 3 years ago

The Cambridge A’Level Nigeria school payment can be made maximum of three times, the minimum a student can start with is #330,000 plus the hostel fee and the remaining amount can be paid twice; as interested Cambridge A’Level Nigeria candidates are expected to have paid for the form which is #25,000 (non-refundable) before the resumption to the specified  account and the second and third payment have three months interval for the full payment.

The formula for payment is 50%, 25% and 25%

The candidate will not be allowed to write any examination if he/she has not completed the whole school fees. Interested candidate who which to apply for Cambridge A ‘Level must have discussed with his/her parents/guardian/custodian before he/she paid for the form. As application fee is not refundable

If you are having a problem to apply for the programme or you do not know what Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria is, please read what is Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria for further information.

If you are not sure of the universities that accept Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria result, please check the list of universities that accept Cambridge A ‘Level Nigeria as a Direct Entry. But in summary, all universities in Nigeria accept Cambridge and also most foreign universities recognized Cambridge result including but not limited to UK, US, Canada, Germany etc.

Kindly go to Cyber Cafe print out the form below, fill with capital letter deposit/transfer the registration payment to IJMBWAY ALEVEL REGISTRATION with Gtbank, the registration fee is #25,000 only.

The filled form and teller/transfer evidence should be sent to [email protected] for processing for admission letter that will be sent within 48 hours and from there you are to resume.

After payment, you are to resume immediately