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CAE Benue – CAE Benue Registration, School, CAE Benue Tuition Fee & Cambridge Examination

CAE meansCentres For Advanced Education where A Level programs are being run for candidates to write the exam and use it to gain admission to both local and internal colleges/universities. CAE is tailored along Cambridge A Level. Here are the details for CAE Benue, Benue CAE fees, Benue CAE Registration, CAE Cambridge Admission, CAE Cambridge Exam in Benueia

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CAE Benue registration, CAE Benue fee, CAE Benue.jpg
Centres For Advanced Education - Cambridge A'Level Benue
Centres For Advanced Education – Cambridge A Level Benue

Centres For Advanced Education (CAE), Cambridge A Level Benue, is the centre for excellence in advanced programmes registration and tutorials for candidates of Cambridge A Level Examination and processing of admission through Direct Entry form into 200 level. Our CAE, Cambridge A Level at Benue possess a serene centre for learning and conducive enough for any candidates of any class to assimilate.

Cambridge A Level at our Centres For Advanced Educations in Benue, provides an opportunity for candidates who do not want to stay at home waiting for JAMB, passed JAMB but was not given provisional admission or the worst case, you were not able to prepare enough for JAMB and therefore did not score high enough for your choice course.

With Cambridge A Level Programme at our Centres For Advanced Education, Benue, we guarantee you academic excellence once you do your own part by attending lectures regularly and reading your textbooks that will be given to you at our study centre where Cambridge A Level is being run.

Our Cambridge A Level in Benue is an approved study centre to run Cambridge A Level programme, and any candidates who register Cambridge A Level at our CAE in Benue, will be able to use the result to gain admission into any university in Benueia like OAUUnilorinUIUnilagLASUUniportUnibenUNN. Cambridge A level is still the most acceptable A Level programme across the Benueia, from North to South, East to West. Take note that any candidate who wish to study abroad, the best way today in Benueia is to register for Cambridge A‘Level in any of our Centres For Advanced Educations in Benueia.

Cambridge A Level is a Direct Entry programme, the exam is being set by British Council and all universities in UK, US, Canada, UAE, etc recognises the Cambridge A Level result. Anyone who successfully passed the Cambridge A‘Level Examination in Benueia can use the result to apply for 200 Level Degree Programme in any university of his/her choice.

CAE Benue Fee Centres For Advanced Education, Benue Fees

Our fees is still the most straightforward; It’s hidden charges free at any of our centres.  No hidden charges in our CAE Benue – hostel fees, Text-books, examinations fees and tuition fees are all included in the fees that will be stated below:

The total fees at our Centres For Advanced Education, Benue for Cambridge A Level programme is #590,000. This tuition fee already includes the application fee, the exam fee (most centres do not include this, but we have done the best for our parents and candidates who always wish to know the whole cost of the programme before registering for Cambridge in Benueia).

More Information About Centres For Advanced Education In Benueia

We have Centres For Advanced Education, for Cambridge A Level Programme in different parts of the country for now. Apart from Benue, we have Centres For Advanced Education in Benue, CAE in Benue, CAE in Benue, Centres For Advanced Education in Benue, Ekiti, Enugu, Benue, Ondo, Ogun Centres For Advanced Education in Ilorin.

CAE Benue Location Address Of The Advanced Study Centres

The address of the CAE Benue where the study centre takes place will be included among the details that will be later forwarded after the registration has been done by the interested candidates for CAE Benue A’ level centre. The location can easily be done

Benefits Of Cambridge A Level Our Centres For Advanced Education

  • Direct admission into 200 level once admitted
  • You can study any course with Cambridge A Level in Benueia, talk about Law, Medicine, Accounting, Mass Communication etc
  • It is a short programme, within 5 to 10 months, you are done
  • You can be admitted the same year you are done with the programme
  • You will be busy throughout with the programme, no time to sit at home
  • Cambridge A Level programme is not easy, including the examination, but it worths it, as it creates lifetime impression on the student
  • Your CGPA in the university once admitted in the university of choice will definitely be higher than most people gain admission via JAMB
  • The result of Cambridge A Level is accepted in ALL universities in Benueia, which include the University of BenueOAUOOUUIUNIBENUNIPORT etc.


How To Register For Our Centres For Advanced Education, Cambridge A Level Benue

Procedure To Apply For Cambridge A Level Benueia Programme

Preliminary instruction: It is necessary for all applicants to have informed his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) before hand about Cambridge A Level Benueia programme. After their consent, applicants should follow the instructions below:

1. Print out the form from the link below and fill the details with CAPITAL LETTERS all through

(and on the form you will see listed Centres For Advanced Educations, tick Benue in the Cambridge study centres)

2. Pay in the application fee which is #25,000 ( Please check the breakdown of Cambridge A Level Benueia tuition fees here ) to the following account details

Account Name:  Alevel Registration

Account Number: 0163836217

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)

3.After payment, scan the copy of the teller indicating payment along with the FILLED application form to [email protected]

4. After reviewing your application form, your Cambridge A Level Benueia centre name and address would be sent to you through the same email you used in sending it to us within 48 hours to 72 hours.

We advised that you use your personal and active email address to send in your data to us, as further information and instructions would be communicated through the email address used during the registration.

Check the Cambridge ALevel Benueia registration form closing date

For complaints, advise and info about Cambridge A Level Benueia Registration and admission, please call 08180679748 or 09050904734


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