Best European Government Scholarships

Studying abroad provides several chances and benefits for both local and international students. Many of these European governments provide substantial financial aid to EU and non-EU students from various backgrounds who seek to pursue their studies in their countries.

Studying abroad can seem complicated to those who do not have the correct information. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best scholarship programs in Europe. These scholarships are open to eligible citizens of different continents across the globe. 

We will also share with you how eligible candidates in third-world countries can access EU funding opportunities, enabling you to achieve your dreams of studying abroad.

Top European Government Scholarships

Belgian Government Scholarship 

The Belgian government offers scholarships to international students who want to attend school overseas. It provides funding assistance for first-year undergraduate courses to those pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees and those with a bachelor’s degree. Qualified candidates must complete the requirements and submit their applications on 1st September. The Belgian government will cover up to 20% of the course cost in grants.

DAAD Master Studies for all Academic Disciplines 

The DAAD Scholarship Program offers very highly competitive fellowships for young researchers, regardless of their field of study or nationality. It pays for education, housing, health insurance, language training, travel costs, and a monthly stipend of roughly EUR 2,200 for selected applicants (to be allocated by the German Academic Exchange Service).

SBW Berlin Scholarships for International Students

One of the most prominent universities in Germany, SBW Berlin offers scholarships to qualified overseas students who want to study for their postgraduate degrees there. For master’s and doctoral degree holders, this scholarship pays the total cost of tuition as well as extra educational fees, including living expenses and health insurance.

Dutch Fellowships

The University of Twente awards these grants to exceptionally brilliant international students from underdeveloped nations so they can conduct research at its universities. Students must possess a Master’s degree from a Dutch government-approved university or a degree of equal standing from a recognized international institution. Before applying for this fellowship, you must also meet many other requirements, such as excellent grades and fluency in English.

Hungary Scholarship for Christian Young People

This is a wonderful opportunity for outstanding Christian young people from non-EU nations who want to pursue higher education in Hungary. They provide complete funding for all educational costs, including lodging, transportation, and meals throughout the student’s time in Hungary.

University of Geneva Master Scholarship

Those who have earned their bachelor’s degree with honours and proficiency in the English language and have already enrolled in the University of Geneva’s master’s program are eligible for a partial scholarship. Students who are not Swiss citizens or nationalities may still be eligible for this scholarship if they can show proof that they have lived in Switzerland for at least three years prior to the application deadline. The Swiss government will pay 100% of the tuition costs.

Swedish Institute Scholarships

International students who meet the requirements can apply for scholarships from a number of programs to study in Sweden for their postgraduate degree. The Sida-Lund scholarship program, which offers financial support for up to one year, and the Malmoe Bostadstipend program, which offers funding for just one year, are the two main funding sources for the Swedish Institute.

Viktor Manuel Fellman Program 

Through the Victor Manuel Fellman Program, scholarships are available to graduate students in the social sciences, history, economics, law, public administration, political science, sociology, social anthropology, cultural anthropology, gender studies, etc. 

Danish State Scholarships at Aarhus University

For overseas students who desire to pursue graduate studies in a particular discipline, Aarhus University in Denmark offers a number of different programs. These scholarships cover the complete cost of tuition as well as potential travel expenses and monthly stipends.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships  

Many Gates Candidates from low-income countries who want to pursue a PhD degree in any field at Cambridge University are eligible for full funding under the Cambridge Scholarships program. Each scholarship has a unique set of criteria for eligibility.

How to Apply for Top European Government Scholarships

Request guidance

First and foremost, don’t be reluctant to ask those close to you for assistance. Ask your teachers, the financial aid office at your university, your academic advisors, and the study abroad office about any scholarships or grants they may be aware of.

Make Direct Contact With the Scholarship/Grant Funder

Contacting the funder directly is the best way to learn all the specifics of the scholarships you will be applying for and the updated application requirements, as they essentially wrote the book on how to acquire a scholarship to study abroad! This will not only guarantee that you have all the necessary information, but it will also demonstrate to the scholarship or award giver that you are fearless.

Optimize Your Resume

Once you’ve made a list of the study abroad scholarships you intend to apply for, it’s time to focus on getting the scholarships. The résumé you have is a big component of this! Don’t go over one page, update all of your latest college activities, and don’t forget to highlight any overseas experience you may have had. It’s important to write properly.

Apply today. 

Although it might seem tiresome, apply for study abroad scholarships as soon as you can. This will take a lot of time and patience to complete this task, but every little bit helps. Since you’ve already put in a lot of preparation, your process should be a lot more straightforward. You might be lucky to get on your first try, but it usually takes multiple trials to different universities before you get considered.


Studying via partial or full funding is one of the best experiences any student can have. If you are from a third-world country, it could be an opportunity for you to achieve your full potential in a school of repute. If you are a student in Europe, you can also key into the best scholarship opportunity that fits you. Get the necessary qualifications and begin applying today. 


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