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Every week, we cover all the latest grants you can apply for as an intenrational students looking for scholarships

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Whether you study in US, united Kingdom, Canada or Europe, our detailed scholarships website will help you surf through the best list for graduate and undegraduate scholarships

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Apply and get tuition free scholarships in United States, UK, Canada and Europe as an African, Nigerian or South African students

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Are you looking for ways and means to migrate to United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, we have got you as we have all the information, action plan you will need to take to see you and your family in your dream country.

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  • Adjusting to a new culture
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  • Migrate as a Doctor
  • Find jobs abroad as a registered Nurse
  • Move to Canada as Welder
  • Travel to UK as Project Manager
  • Skilled worker immigration programs

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